Christine Todd Piano

Christine Todd provides piano instruction for students of all ages, preschool through adult. She teaches a program called Simply Music. Starting with the assumption that every person is profoundly musical, students are able to succeed in this program where the goal is to have music as a lifelong companion. This remarkable program produces breakthrough results in both the quantity of pieces learned and the quality of those pieces. Students will be playing with two hands together – classical, blues, contemporary, arrangements and accompaniments – from their very first lessons.

  • In the first year students will learn 35 to 50 pieces
  • Learning will be exciting and playing the piano will be fun
  • Reading music will be postponed until the student can play proficiently

"Our two daughters, ages 11 and 7 adore the "Simply Music" program with Christine Todd. They argue about who gets to practice first and who gets to go first for their lesson. This program allows them to be creative and have fun while learning beautiful music." - Parent

"I love how she explains things really well and gives me enough time to get it right." - Student, age 8


Piano lessons are offered on a weekly basis from Christine's home in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Piano lessons will be either a private lesson or a shared lesson. Private lessons are 30 minutes, while more advanced students have 45 minute lessons. Shared lessons start at 40 or 45 minutes. Each lesson will include:

  • Pieces in a variety of styles – classical, contemporary, blues
  • Accompaniment
  • Arrangements
  • Improvisation and Composition – in a supportive environment, students will learn to be self-generative, that is, able to create their own music at the piano


Christine Todd is an experienced pianist and organist. She studied with Richard Veleta and William Carr and has a Masters in Education from Temple University and a Masters of Music from West Chester University.

She has been teaching piano since 1996 and is a member of the Main Line Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association.

She is also a licensed Simply Music teacher.